Cleaning Of The Tongue

23 Feb

I will explain what process is happening when we eat and why it is good to clean your tongue.

We are Energy based creatures and there are 4 ways to recharge our bodies with energy:

1. With Food (this way recharges the body the least).

2. With Water (filtered, natural, or mineral water).

3. Through Breathing (we use the technique of Pranayama).

4. Through the Energy of the Sun (This is the most complex method requiring advanced knowledge and training to recharge our bodies.  First we should know how to do it and then practice this technique!).

First, we’ll explain the recharging of the body with food and how important it is  to clean the tongue.

When we wake up, we should start with our morning  routine by using the restroom, praying, performing a light self-massage, Pranayama, loosening up the body with gentle movements, and then rinsing your mouth with sunflower oil for 15 minutes.  After that, we rinse the mouth with warm water and scrape the tongue with a tongue-cleaning tool.  We can see all the toxins that we are removing and the energy channels situated on the tongue are clean and open.

The best time to have breakfast,  if we are hungry at all, is after 9am. We should chew every bite very well and throughly. If the food we are eating is good and healthy we will feel like you have a cushion of Prana under your tongue. This is how we get Prana from the food. Then we can swallow the food or spit it out. It has already given your body its energy.

When we chew, the teeth are working like switches.  They send information telling the brain what food it is and the brain release juices to dissolve  the food. When we think about food and our thoughts are positive, then the correct juices are released and the food is digested properly without fermentation in the stomach. If we are thinking about something else and we do not chew long enough, the brain release the incorrect juices, the food ferments, and the digestive tract suffers. If done incorrectly over a longer period of time, the digestive tract will become sick.

After we scrape the tongue and rinse the mouth, we should milk the tongue. This is how we activate one secret center inside of US. If we practice the whole system of yoga, a magic fluid called AMRITA will be released. This fluid soaks the body and it becomes immortal.

The tongue is an important organ in the human body. The tongue gathers toxins and if we don’t clean it, they go back into the body or stick to the tongue, creating bad breath. Cleaning  the tongue helps to keep the teeth and gums healthier.

Every human being takes in Prana from the food through the nerves situated on the tongue, the palate, and the gums. This is the reason why it is important to keep food in your mouth long enough.  Chewing the food longer and thoroughly helps your body receive the most energy from the food because part of the released energy is sent to the brain through the tongue, and the brain sends part of the released energy to the heart and in the end, to the whole body.

The tongue absorbs spiritual energy from the food.  This is why it is better if we are not worried about anything else while we are eating. The digestion is happening in the mouth. The tongue is absorbing and transferring the best part of the food to the nervous system.

This fine energy that creates the body is taken from the tongue.

It is the same principle for water and air. We should keep water in the month for a while so Prana can be absorbed from the tongue and transfer to the body. It is the same for air. We should chew it and take it with good intentions.

After we finish eating, the energy absorbed by the tongue makes you feel vigorous and refreshed. This is why we should keep our tongue clean.

When we chew food we should think about that process and this increases the absorption of Prana.

When we chew our food finely we are going to sleep well. There is a relevant rule that says: When the tongue becomes used to absorbing Prana from the food, it absorbs Prana from the air.

If we have bubbles on the tongue the reason is because we said bad words about someone else. Our words are wires for either the poisonous or the life-giving energy.

Every bad word that goes through the throat of a human has the power to upset it. A good practice is to magnetize the tongue and remove the words that stick to it. We should wash our hands thoroughly  and put two fingers on top of the tongue. If it is necessary, we can put all of the fingers on top of the tongue and we will magnetize it.

Clean and good thoughts, feelings, and actions are renewing and rejuvenating for the human body.

The surface of the tongue is full of bacteria. If we clean it with a toothbrush it will break but not remove the bacteria.

When we clean our tongue regularly we will improve the taste sensations of food and remove bad breath.

“You should wash yourself often, especially your tongue, then God’s peace will find a place in you.” –Peter Danov

Technique:  Thoroughly rinse the mouth and the cleaning tool.  Stick out your tongue and put the curved part of the scraper over the tongue.  Hold the two separated ends in one or two hands. From the root of the tongue, pass the scraper towards the tip several times. This is how the tongue cleaner gathers toxins. Rinse the tool after every pass.

You are going to be surprised how effective this scraper is! It is made of stainless still. This type of scraper is more hygienic than the plastic ones. It is still good to replace it every six months.

It should be replaced after sickness.

It should not be use by children under 7 years of age without supervision.

Please include the cleaning of the tongue in your hygiene routine.

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